KOSTAL's Environmental Policy

The management of the KOSTAL Group is fully aware that all the activities involved in the design, development and manufacture of our products have a direct or indirect influence on the environment. Environmental protection is an important task for the company and the Board have therefore set out the following principles governing its environmental policy :

The role of environmental protection

KOSTAL undertakes to achieve its commercial objectives with due regard for the need for the protection of the environment.


Environmental protection is the responsibility of each individual employee. By keeping our work-force informed, we encourage employees to be environmentally aware. Training and motivation are directed toward the future security of the environment.

Avoiding damage to the environment

We undertake to use natural resources in a conscientious manner, particularly in the use of materials and energy. To this end, processes are analysed and improved in terms of their effects on the environment. We aim to reduce the creation of wastes on a step-by-step basis, with the aid of appropriate development and technologies. Wastes which cannot be recycled must be disposed of in an ecologically sensitive manner.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement programmes are constantly being developed for products and processes, in order to achieve our environmental objectives.

Involvement of suppliers

Our undertaking to avoid damage to the environment is one which we expect all our suppliers to share.

Rules and regulations

We undertake to comply conscientiously in a meaningful manner with all regulations and legislation and other requirements in the field of environmental protection.


Where environmental protection is concerned, our aim is to communicate openly with our employees, local authorities, public bodies and our customers.