Living innovations

Innovation Meets Tradition

Innovation is a tradition with us - we are constantly renewing and improving our products, our technologies and our processes. This continuity, our ability to constantly develop and improve our capabilities, makes innovation practically inevitable at KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme - it's part of our DNA.

Global Innovation

For us growth does not just mean getting bigger; above all it means becoming better. Getting bigger is not an end in itself. It is the result of innovation and the expansion of our global performance capability.

Innovation needs an environment where innovation is encouraged and this applies just as much to an innovative environment as to innovative technologies, processes and products.

  • We have our own center of excellence for technology development.
  • We maintain extremely close cooperation with institutes and universities.
  • We invest constantly in the continuing development of our people.

Innovation in Production

This is why the full-scale manufacture of our products plays an important role, supported by a truly modern, comprehensive production environment and ensured by efficient traceability systems and a "zero defects" policy.

For us, innovation does not mean re-inventing the wheel - it means making the wheel roll better.

Thomas Scherer
Head of Technical Management