“You can only really acquire customers if you give the customer the feeling that he is gaining something.” G. W. Exler 

Close Cooperation with Our Customers for Decades

"Really winning over a customer is achieved only by giving the customer the feeling that he is winning" - G.W. Exler.

Only in this way have we been able to build up a customer base with which we have been closely attached for decades. Extending and developing this further is very important to us.

Our customers know us and know that they can depend on us. And we know our customers, their needs and their expectations, which we always strive to satisfy. Our customers can rely on us - and that is important to us.

The World's Leading Manufacturers Trust us

Our customers include the world's leading automobile manufacturers, systems suppliers, wiring harness makers and dealer networks  -  that's why we always do our best for them ...

  • ... and keep in close contact through our expert technical sales team
  • ... involving ourselves with our customers' goals with joint developments
  • ... with our global presence and networking with our customers.

At KOSTAL Connectors, customers trust us to deliver high quality products with efficient and innovative technology for their cars.

Erik de Wit
Head of Sales & Marketing

Our Distributors

You are looking for a specific product of KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH & Co. KG? Please find our global distribution network.


Herth+Buss specializes in automobile electrics, spares and replacement parts for Asian vehicles in Europe.


Distributor: tti

TTI Inc. specializes in the sale of electronic components for automobiles in the USA and overseas.


Naganuma Shoji Co.

Naganuma Shoji Co. Ltd. Is the sales specialist in Japan for electronic and mechanical automobile components.

Naganuma Shoji Co.

Our product world

KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH & Co. KG provides a comprehensive range of technologies, product variants and individual solutions. Our plug connectors have set standards world-wide.

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